Summer of 100 Granny Squares

ImageInspired by my friend’s blog   I learned how to crochet granny squares.  And so I did!  The eco-yarn (partly recycled) was on sale and I had purchased several skeins.  I took them with me on our family vacation, and made many during various camping trips.  I am now assembling them into a couple of blankets, and hope to make some vests and other things too.  These are such a perfect project – each square takes a little over 10 minutes, and there is enough variation to keep me from getting bored.  The hard part is going to be assembling them.  And some day I’ll learn to use more than one color!

One Response to “Summer of 100 Granny Squares”

  1. Liz, these look fantastic!! So glad you got into doing them, aren’t they fun?

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