The “I Don’t Like Bangles” Bangle

At the January meeting of the seedbeaders group, we learned how to make this bangle bracelet.  I don’t wear bangles because my hands are large and in order to make this one fit over my hand, I had to make it huge.   It looks too large on my wrist, so I’ll probably put it around a glass vase.


At first, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but then decided that I needed to learn a new project (despite many unfinished projects at home).  The process making it was really interesting, you stitch about 5 rows of beads, each row is easy, but as it comes together and you add the last row, it looks really complex.  I was going to make it a regular size, and save it for a gift, but I liked the colors so much that I wanted it for myself, so I made it too large.  I will be making more, though; it was fun to make.  Also I got good practice using bugle beads, and doing a little bit of netting, which I have been wanting to do more of.


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