Challenge Project

Bello Modo Beads donated button bases and beads to our seedbeading group and viewers of their blog voted the best ones.  I won 3rd place!


The first challenge I had with this project was what to do with a needlepoint button!  I had never used anything like it before.  I really liked the colors of the beads.  I liked that a vibrant blue was added too, although I didn’t end up using that.  I also didn’t use the gorgeous firepolish beads and crystal bicones.
I wanted to use wire, and I thought the copper color would match nicely.  I started out by attaching the size 6 beads in rows, thinking I’d make a nice square pattern and go from there.  It started getting lumpy, as the beads didn’t have enough room to fit nicely, and so I decided to make a freeform lumpy center.  I added a few dark red beads here and there, some of the larger beads and a couple of the size 11 beads.  Dark red is my favorite color, and I love the matte finish on the beads.

The shell beads are from my own collection

The small beads I wove in and out, on top of the rest, and I had a lot of fun running the wire through the larger beads and making a tangled mess.  The next step was to find a focal, so I opened up my toolbox which holds over 100 pendants.  Immediately the crystal coral caught my eye, and when I put it on, it reminded me of anemones and the lush tangled life on the ocean floor.   Next I searched my stash for something to do like a fringe around the edges, to cover up the rest of the button.  I saw my bag of teardrop shell beads, and my piece was complete!  It all just came together, and it reminds me why I like to have such a large stash of beads that catch my eye.  My first beading style was stringing necklaces, and gathering different beads and deciding what goes with what is my favorite part.


Check it out:

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